Thread's Vision

Thread envisages a society based on values of equity, happiness, justice, peace, self-reliance and sustainability, where:

The individual discovers the self and evolves.
The community cares and shares its all with all;
The nature is nurtured, and all three live in a harmonious and symbiotic        relationship.

Thread's Mission

To bring about social transformation through a value based peoples' movement.
By generating genuine love, concern and care within the individual, spreading it        to the community and nature.
Protecting human rights and the environment.
Conscientious use of nature’s resources.

Benefits of Eco-Tourism ?

Promotes Environmental & cultural awareness.
Benefits local people economically.
Preserves Eco-balance.
Nature & indigenous culture based.


Siddharth Village welcomes you...

Come, the lap of nature beckons you.
Get rooted to mother earth once again. Let her cradle you in her arms & nurture you. Allow yourself to appreciate & respect the beauty of her harmony. Connect with her people and learn the art of bonding with her - OUR MOTHER EARTH.

Location Map

Location map


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